Wildcats Acadenmics and Tutoring

Welcome to the L.A. City Wildcats Youth Academy’s Academic Tutoring Program. Our academy serves inner city/at-risk youth through mentoring via the mediums of basketball, cheer & dance, and drumline. In order for student-athletes and performers to achieve their goals and potential, we acknowledge and support the importance of academic competency and achievement. Towards these ends, we partner with teaching volunteers in the community who share our vision of assisting youth where they may be struggling academically, and who provide them with instruction and resources that will help them understand and integrate academic material they may find challenging.

Because we understand the current situation in schools, such as teaching to the test (which requires teachers to advance through material quickly), high student to teach ratios that limit a teacher’s capacity to fully meet individual needs, and the reality that not all students learn material in the same way, we understand that sometimes students with varying needs can slip through the cracks. When this happens, it is not only the student that suffers, but also their families and the community at large. A student who is unable to learn, integrate, and master essential academic material is often placed at a disadvantage in life. We, therefore, seek to provide our youth with opportunities for one-on-one instructional time in areas where they may be struggling so they can not only survive in school, but also thrive.

Our academic tutors provide assistance in the following subjects: English, Math, Spanish, and Science. The LACWYA provides families with a list of contacts who have been screened for proficiency in their academic subjects and who have undergone background checks. Families then arrange individual tutoring sessions with our tutors in order to facilitate ease of scheduling.

We believe it takes a village in order to support the next generation of leaders and positive contributors to society. We are happy to partner with you in helping your child access and bring out their very best!

  • English and Writing Composition Programs
  • Math and Science Programs
  • Spanish and Foreign Language Programs
  • Support for 6th Grade Through High School
  • Available On Practice Days

Why Choose Us

The L.A. City Wildcats have been helping young athletes and performers grow their skills for nearly two decades and our current staff of coaches have a combined 100 years of coaching experience!
We go far beyond just coaching by providing academic support and assistance, transportation, reduced rates, and a never-ending desire to help our Wildcats excel at every aspect of life, not just sports.
We pride ourselves in the services we provide to not only Wildcats, but their parents and guardians as well. We want everyone to be not only be satisfied, but to be genuinely excited about the services we provide you!